Hight Oleic Omega 9.
A superior peanut by any standards.

High Oleic Peanut.

The development of HIGH OLEIC peanuts has been considered the most important qualitative improvement in the world peanut industry in recent years. Our HIGH OLEIC peanuts are naturally selected with excellent flavor and texture and with beneficial characteristics for consumers' health.

The HIGH OLEIC peanut is kept for a long period of time in optimal conditions for consumption, due to its different composition of oils compared to conventional peanuts.

The fatty matter of this peanut contains approximately 80% oleic acid and 5% linoleic acid, which gives an oleic/linoleic ratio of more than 15:1, well above the ratio normally found in any conventional Runner type peanut (ratio between 1:1 and 2:1).

Great benefits

The HIGH OLEIC PEANUT is very beneficial for the industry and the distribution chain:

  • The peanut is preserved in optimal conditions of use, for a longer period and at lower costs.
  • The percentage of expired products in the distribution chain is reduced due to the fact that the shelf life of the packaged product is considerably extended.
  • The use of stabilizers is reduced in different types of products (for example, paste or peanut butter).
  • Larger packages can be used, since the final customer keeps the unused product in optimal conditions even if the package has been opened.
  • The cost of packaging materials and technologies is reduced.
  • Customer loyalty is increased by having a healthy product that remains crispy and tasty for a long time.

Super healthy.


Oleic acid is OMEGA 9. It is a monounsaturated fatty acid, characteristic of olive oil.

Besides being preserved in optimal conditions for a longer period, it has a beneficial effect in the human organism, ENHANCING the development of good cholesterol (high density lipoproteins) and REDUCING bad cholesterol (low density lipoproteins), thus reducing the risk of having cardiovascular diseases.

Longer shelf life.

It has been scientifically proven that a higher proportion of oleic acid content delays peanut oxidation, resulting in a significant decrease in the appearance of undesirable odors and flavors over time. In short, rancidity manifests itself in the very long term, regardless of the degree of industrialization of the product.

Tests carried out by INSA and contrasted by independent laboratories show that toasted HIGH OLEIC PEANUTS WITHOUT SHELL and WITHOUT PACKAGING maintain stable conditions to be consumed for at least 180 days, presenting peroxide values lower than 4meq/kg.

The HIGH OLEIC peanut toasted WITH SHELL preserves acceptable organoleptic characteristics for consumption practically 8 times longer than conventional peanuts.

This scientific verification has been checked by INSA laboratories and has been published in "The Journal of the American Peanut Research and Education Society" (PeanutScience), volume 31, page 40.