The evolution of peanut
Experience + Technology.

Quality as a motto.

INSA's products and production processes are subjected to exhaustive controls required by the application of the BRC food safety standard, which is currently certified.

These controls allow us to meet the quality requirements, trends and preferences of international consumers.

Our varieties.

Pampa Jumbo

Grains per ounce

28/32 30/32 34/38 Inshell 10/12 Split

Runner High Oleic

Grains per ounce

30/36 38/42 40/50 50/60 60/70 80/100

Virginia High Oleic

Grains per ounce

24/28 28/32 30/36 Inshell 9/11 Split

Our products.

Peanuts are processed through a complete production system in high technology lines, selecting the best grains and allowing us to obtain a wide variety of top quality products.